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We recognize that no solution can meet the needs of every person with autism. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping create ecosystems of opportunity for this untapped talent pool.

Rising Tide is currently working on some collaborations to help provide resources to other businesses who are interested in employing people with autism. As we develop these resources, please follow the link below to the best online information source we know of for employing people with disabilites; the Think Beyond the Label campiagn.



The best way for any person passionate about autism employment to affect change is by “voting with their wallet”. By working with companies that employ individuals with autism you’re helping to make the business case for the employment of this untapped talent pool. Below you’ll find some other great organizations that are dedicated to empowering people with autism through employment.

Extraordinary Ventures – Chapel Hill, NC
Extraordinary Ventures is a unique nonprofit organization in Chapel Hill, NC that operates a range of small businesses and ventures for the purpose of employing young adults with autism and developmental disabilities. EV’s businesses include Space Rental, Laundry Services, Cemetery/Gravesite Services, and Football Gameday Parking. Social programs include “Friday Night Live!”

Culinary Works /Beneficial Beans and Café – Phoenix, AZ
SARRC’s Entrepreneurial Center for Special Abilities (ECSA) is partnering with Arizona’s most celebrated chefs to create CulinaryWorks. Signature soups are being prepared, package and sold, on-the-go. CulinaryWorks extends beyond the functional benefit of satisfying hunger; it contributes to the success of young adults and adults with autism by engaging them in every aspect of product development.

Roses for Autism – Guilford, CT
The mission of Roses for Autism is to grow independence in the business world through a replicable autism training and employment program integrated into a successful, sustainable rose business that will serve as a flagship for this program. Our vision is to demonstrate a replicable working model for inclusive transitional employment for adults on the autism spectrum.

[Words] Bookstore – Maplewood, NJ
[Words]‘ mission is to serve Maplewood and surrounding communities by offering an engaging and welcoming atmosphere for people and families of all stripes to pursue their literary interests. In particular, we are dedicated to the families in our community that have a member with a developmental disability. We strive to help Maplewood become a model community of inclusion through our treatment of disabled customers and employees, especially those with autism.

Lee & Marie’s Bakery – Miami Beach, FL

Lee & Marie’s Cakery provides support and employment to adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  In tandem with the University of Miami/Nova Southeastern University’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, Lee & Marie’s provides employment opportunities for adults with autism, helping to guide them on a path to greater independence and an enhanced quality of life.

Autistic Global Initiative (AGI) – San Diego, CA
The Autistic Global Initiative (AGI), a program of ARI, is comprised of a committee of adults diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions. Our members hail from all regions of the United States, representing the broad life span of autistic experience and expression. We are active as professionals and consultants in many fields within the autism community, including education, social work, medicine, employment, fitness and wellness, rehabilitation counseling and the visual and graphic arts.

Arthur & Friends – Newton, NJ
Arthur & Friends began in 2008 as a social entrepreneurial training and employment program that provides meaningful community employment and training opportunities for individuals 18 years of age and older with disabilities so that they may live, work, and fully participate in their communities. In 2010 we expanded to provide these same services to ex-offenders who face many of the same challenges as their disabled neighbors. The focus is on creating and expanding employment opportunities, especially for people with disabilities and individuals with socio-economic disadvantages who have for many years been considered unemployable.

AutonomyWorks – Chicago, IL
At AutonomyWorks, we believe in the unique talents and abilities of people with autism to deliver high-quality, cost-competitive Business Process Execution services to companies of all sizes.  Our mission is to identify, enable and empower this exceptional yet hidden workforce to provide turnkey solutions for our clients.  Many companies struggle to fill Process Execution roles such as website maintenance, data entry and software testing.  It can be difficult to find staff with the necessary attention to detail and commitment to quality.  There are more than 1 million potential workers with Autism Spectrum Disorders whose skills and abilities are perfectly matched for today’s highly-technological business Process Execution tasks.  Workers with autism want to contribute their talents to the business community and to society, and AutonomyWorks is here to help.

nonPareil Institute – Plano, TX
nonPareil Institute is dedicated to providing technical training, employment and housing to individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We hope to one day be partially self-sustaining from the products our Crew build and market. We envision ever-expanding programs beyond our current technology focus, and expanding our campus model around the world, which will allow a lifetime of sustainability, fulfillment and purpose for adults affected with autism spectrum disorder.

Specialisterne USA – Wilmington, DE
Specialisterne USA is driving the nationwide expansion of the proven international job creation and employment concept, Specialisterne (“The Specialists”). We assess, train and employ individuals with autism as consultants in IT and other sectors with technically oriented tasks and jobs, with 80-90% of our employees working at corporate partner sites. Our ambition is within three years to replicate Specialisterne as a sustainable business in 10-12 regions covering the US and develop a mentorship/management model to enable employers to expand their recruitment to include high functioning people with autism and similar challenges.

Miami Is Kind – Miami, FL
Miami Is Kind’s mission is to employ young adults with autism and other disabilities while creating delicious traditional treats.

The Chocolate Spectrum
The chocolate spectrums mission is to offer delicious chocolate confections while helping individuals with developmental disabilities through training and employment.

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